Live Organic: Direct Trade


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コーヒー ダイレクトトレード

Today I would like to talk about direct trade.

Direct trade in the coffee industry often means that roasters purchase coffee beans directly from producers without intermediaries or suppliers.

One of the advantages of direct trade is the relationship between a coffee producer and a roaster—a roaster researches and contracts with farmers with a coffee production style that suits the shop. A beneficial direct trade system necessitates transparency, strengthening the relationship between the farmer and roaster.

Transparency is the ability to see the production, processing process, and hard work involved in coffee production. Transparency allows to discuss the farmer's difficulties and the roaster's needs and achieve a feasible goal for both parties.

In addition to the advantage of solid connections, direct trade also makes it easier to give back to the farmer and be involved in the area's economic development.

Of course, this is a time-consuming and labor-intensive trade, but this kind of direct trade can create a win-win situation.