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Live Organic:Consumption






I am going to talk about some of the benefits of organic food in terms of its reliability and nutrition. 

Regarding the reliability of organic food, we learned from the last Live Organic post that organic production does not use chemicalized or synthesized fertilizers to grow crops, and in general minimizes those chemicals’ harmful influence. This is especially important because intaking a certain amount of these chemicals can contribute to neurological and developmental disorders. 

Furthermore, organic products contain more nutrients than crops yielded by chemical and synthesized fertilizers: especially Vitamin C, Polyphenol, and Lycopene. As if that weren’t good enough, it is said that organic farming enhances the sweetness of products. 

Organic coffee in particular holds greater amounts of Polyphenol than non-organic coffee. This greater intake of Polyphenol can result in better metabolism and even acts as a preventative for freckles!