Live Organic 番外編: 商店街

Live Organic 番外編です!







Today we want to talk about Shotengai even though this is kind of out of the topic of organic. Let me talk about Takiyama Chu-o Meitenkai.

A “Shotengai” is basically an old-school Japanese street market. Many of them have gone under and have been replaced with housing projects and chain stores. When we first saw the Takiyama Shotengai, it was love at first sight! We had been looking for a location for our new roastery for months, but we immediately knew that this is where we wanted to lay down our roots.

Takiyama Shotengai in particular holds a special place in our hearts because of the amazing people and businesses that it represents. One of the main reasons we opened a cafe here was to be a blessing to this community and to help it not only survive but thrive.