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Decaf Coffee Stand to Me.



デカフェ コーヒー 西東京

Decaf Coffee Stand to Me. さんからのメッセージ




抜群に美味しいお豆と、新鮮な焙煎という点に共感しtokyo coffeeさんしかいない!とお願いをしてご協力いただいているオリジナルのカフェインレスブレンドは、デカフェだと思えない!と感想をいただいている自慢のお味です。



Today I would like to introduce one of our business partners, Decaf Coffee Stand to Me., located in Hoya, Nishitokyo, Tokyo:

“We started a decaf-specialized coffee stand because we wanted everyone to enjoy good coffee without worrying about the amount of caffeine intake; in effect, a delicious coffee that would appeal to anyone and harbors no ill side effects for those who are sensitive to caffeine. 

“All our drinks are decaf, and we serve everything from meticulously brewed hand-drip coffee to lattes with a rich, espresso flavor. Our drinks break the stereotyped flavor of decaf coffee and appeal to the palates of all audiences, caffeine-conscious or not. 

“We were impressed by the outstanding flavor of the beans and the freshness of the roasting process, so we requested Tokyo Coffee to mix an original blend for us. The blend they created for us is so different from any others we have tasted, and it’s hard to believe that it is even decaf!” 

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