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100% Organic Cold Brew Coffee - この季節に最適のコールドブリューコーヒー新発売

Amazon限定ブランドの「ode by Tokyo Coffee」で新商品を販売開始致しました!




オーガニック コールドブリュー コーヒー




ode Cold Brew Sixth Planet Coffee

ode Cold Brew 水出しコーヒー パック






Hi everyone!

It’s that time of year for COLD BREW coffee!!

If you are a coffee lover and have never tried cold brew coffee, YOU are missing out!

Not only is cold brew a delicious brewing method, it’s SIMPLE!

Just drop our pre-made packet of cold brew coffee in a container, add water, and wait 8-10 hours! Simple!

Amazon exclusive “ode by Tokyo Coffee” is available for 20% off only for today!

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to try ode’s cold brew coffee!



Cold Brew ode Amazon限定ブランド 水出し