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Live Organic: 有機肥料

Live Organic第9弾です👏 今日は有機肥料について見ていきたいと思います。 有機肥料は植物や動物性由来の肥料になります。鶏糞、魚粉、油粕、骨粉、米ぬか等が原料とされています。一方、化学肥料は鉱物や窒素が原料の肥料です。有機肥料の欠点は即効性が低く、匂いがキツかったり、肥料作成に時間がかかることです。このような欠点にも関わらず、有機肥料が使われているのは様々な理由があります。 一つ目は有機肥料の持続性です。有機肥料は即効性には欠けますが、肥料としての効果の持続性があります。二つ目は残留化学肥料によるリスクが無いということです。そして、三つ目の利点は有機肥料の活用によって土壌が改善されるということです。 有機肥料は食物に優しいだけでなく、土地の持続性にも効果があります。 Today I would like to discuss some benefits of organic fertilizers. To begin with, let me provide some definitions of organic and non-organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from plant and animal sources such as poultry manure, fishmeal, oil meal, bone meal, rice bran, etc. Chemical fertilizers, on the other hand, are made from minerals and nitrogen. The disadvantages of organic fertilizers are that they are not fast-acting, have a harsh odor, and take time to make. Despite these drawbacks, organic fertilizers are used for a number of reasons. The first is the sustainability of organic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers do not have an immediate effect, but they do have a long-lasting effect as a fertilizer. Second, there is no risk of residual chemical fertilizer. The third advantage is that the use of organic fertilizers improves the soil. Organic fertilizers are not only food friendly but also have an effect on the sustainability of the land.