TOKYO COFFEE Roastery cafe | 東京コーヒー ロースタリー カフェ 滝山店

東京コーヒー ロースタリー カフェのメニューボードとカウンター




Roastery and Cafe


Tokyo Coffee Roastery Cafe is exactly that: a roastery and a cafe, all-in-one!  You can walk in to our cafe, see the roastery, take in the aroma of roasting coffee beans, and enjoy your freshly roasted and brewed coffee.




A “Shotengai” is basically an old school Japanese street market.  Many of them have gone under and have been replaced with housing projects and chainstores.

When we first saw the Takiyama Shotengai, it was love at first sight!  We had been looking for a location for our new roastery for months, but we immediately knew that this is where we wanted to lay down our roots.  

Shotengais are something of an endangered species that we feel are worth protecting.  Takiyama Shotengai in particular holds a special place in our hearts because of the amazing people and businesses that it represents.  One of the main reasons we opened a cafe here was to be a blessing to this community and to help it to not only survive, but to thrive.



We are so proud of the fact that we were able to do most of the construction and renovation work for our roastery/cafe.  As we took on this crazy project we had a clear vision in mind: we wanted to create an open, connected space that brought out the raw beauty of the structure while recycling and reusing as much of the old material as possible.  We kept all of the old wood frames from the ceilings and walls that usually gets thrown out and used them for tables, shelves and other parts of the building.  The beams hanging from the ceiling are from an old cabin near Nojiri Lake in Nagano prefecture.  


Food and Drinks



It is pretty difficult to come up with a dessert menu that compliments the best coffee in the world.  But, we think we have done a pretty darn good job at that!  Our cakes, cookies and waffles are handmade by us (right here in the store)!  In the future, we would love to expand our menu to include lunch or dinner items…but, like we said, it is pretty difficult when you’re trying to live up the standards set by the best coffee in the world. 

コーヒー マグカップ
Our Waffles with Ice Cream. ワッフル
東京コーヒー ケーキ