About Our Coffee Roasts


Because we believe in enjoying the original flavors and aromas of the coffee, we recommend that you try our lighter roasts. The darker the roast, the more burnt the beans become and consequently, you lose much of the distinct characteristic nuances of that bean or blend. After much research and experimentation, we have chosen the three roasts that we think will be the most enjoyable for you!



  • Coffee Roasts

    Coffee Roasts

    Although we recommend grinding your own coffee, we do offer two grind options for you if you really want: Fine grind is suitable for aeropress, espresso, andanything using paper filters. Medium is recommended for french press and anything with a non-paper filter.

  • 豆の焙煎について


    浅煎り: 世界的なコーヒーブームの代表的なローストです。通はまずシティロースト!中煎り: フルシティは最もバランスの取れたローストです。甘みと酸味が残りつつ、まろやかに苦味が出始めた段階です。深煎り: フレンチローストは酸味が苦手な方にオススメです。